Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and i didn't think i liked cats...

so curiosity killed the cat
i am not sure i agree with that
i think this is a saying gone wrong
i think we should be curious for however long
it takes to plunge head first
into the unknown water that quenches thirst
i am curious to know what it could be
if i truly found the end of me
what would it look like...where would i end?
but i am not yet curious enough to bend
they make it a warning, those silly "they"
if that cat only stuck to the normal way
it would be so safe it would be so sound
it would not be buried underground
ah but the sad little kittens who follow the norm
they have no curiosity, will they ever transform?
i never am quite satisfied my oh so curious soul
i am quite grateful for this pushes me to the goal
i am curious to know how deep i can live
how much He would show me, how much He would give
He promises an outpouring, He promises even more than that
oh how i forever wish to be curious as a cat!

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