Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots of good words start with R

i must speak of a certain favorite holiday of mine..
this holiday is national marijuana day!!!!
april 20th.
it has a new name. and it is very wordy indeed.
revelation-restoration-rehabilitation-revolution day!!!!
(the letter R just isn't given enough credit in the alphabet...)
really thats the year's name. 2009 is the year of the 4 R's.
but 4/20 was a beautiful reminder of this.
Joy and unearthly energy were abundant in my soul all day long!
mmmm...my God is abundant.
I learned a lesson when asked to smoke a bowl about temptation and leaving your past behind. saying no is a rather difficult thing when a feeling of missing the past hits because of the pretty disguised box it comes in.
mmm...my God never gives me more than i can handle and the devil really does flee when you resist him.
i watched the sun set (complete with gorgeous colors) while God restored my sister and i's relationship over the phone.
mmmmm...RESTORATION of a relationship set up by God that satan had crippled by lies for too many years. man. i could talk about this all night. im just soooo stoked! amy leigh. man. my heart could burst from God's love that restored our relationship to something so beautiful. im honored. should i use the word restored again? God restored my relationship with my sister!!!!! haha!
in closing...4/20 was a day of many things but its effects recharged my soul!
another R.
to continue the revolution thats already begun!
and today was refreshing by the way...
God wants us to experience the letter R. that's a fact : )

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