Sunday, February 1, 2009


truly the main thing that doesnt seem to flow naturally with my state of being.
to say i am uncomfortable with it is an understatement.
ironic that i owe my life to God for doing this very thing in me. the thing i despise the most.
radically transforming my thoughts on who He is and how He feels towards me.
now...i crave for the love of my life to never stop changing and molding me to look a bit more like Him.
really it just makes me laugh.
His timing. His consuming love that has caused my life to never look the same again.
and I am excited.


  1. The words you said to me in my dining room keep running through my head and giving me joy and fear. That He has ruined your life, and you couldn' be more excited.

    Those are beautiful words, Charlsey.

  2. i love this. epic parts of the life of charlsey episode one. this is (and is going to be) really, really good.

  3. I am delighted to have stumbled upon your blog today.

    It's strange but beautiful how transformation can be so painful but feel good at the same time. This huge change is almost more of a realization of who you have always been. Who you are finally makes sense when you are listening to your Creator tell you why he made you that way. I am excited to hear more!

    It was really great meeting you in Norman a few weeks ago, I hope our paths cross again sometime soon and we get to have a good chat.