Sunday, February 22, 2009

"i see it now. you think times have lengths. a night is always a night whatever you do in it, as from this tree to that is always so many paces wether you take them quickly or slowly. i suppose that is true in a way. But the waves do not always come at equal distances. i see that you come from a wise world...if this is wise. i have never done it before-stepping out of life into the Alongside and looking at oneself living as if one were not alive. do they all do that in your world?"
mmm  reading this made me realize how true it is that we humans tend to live alongside life.
we must live within time but it should never control us. the present is all we have. taking it as one takes a wave...trusting the whole time that God is leading and loving us. this moment is God's moment. 
i dont want to live alongside my life anymore. it's time for us to ride the waves with our Savior.
He's waiting for us to accept the adventure at hand.  

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