Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in the little things...

okay i have a cool little story followed by a sales pitch.
 there is this sweet lady i work with named angie. she came up to me at work the other day and said she had just
read this book called The Shack and asked if id like to read it.
i was skeptical but when i read the back i thought well this could be good.
well i read it and wow. i haven't had God speak to me through a "fiction" book like that since i was
12 years old through a book called Blessed Child.
Seriously impacted my world. i came out from it more in wonder of my lover and savior.
i came out with a deeper feeling of loyalty and allegiance to Him. i came out altered once again. it was like God used the book to push me in deeper. and once again im so honored. i can only repsond this way because He moves me. He loves me. truly amazing.
back at work after i finished the book i went up to angie and said ummm thank you soo much. this book was
perfect timing. she kinda laughed and shook her head and said "oh good. yea...i didnt know why but i just felt like i should give it to you after i read it."
and this my friends...this nudging from the Lord to angie to give me the book...is just another little thing that makes my world. He's always in the little things. but they're bigger than little id say. 
so sales pitch: if you like to read story-like books. read The Shack and find out why i put fiction in quotes.
another book recommendation: Blessed Child. 


  1. I have been debating whether or not to read that book. I think you sold me. After I read it, I'll call you and we can talk more about it!

  2. Chuck, you're such a blessing. I appreciate your heart.