Tuesday, February 17, 2009

manna cake

so im definitely in a new phase of life. 
one that most definitely tests my trust that God will provide my daily bread.
because i seem to see a cake a little distance off but He wants me to hunger for the
manna being sent from Him right now. Cake might seem a lot better to me but manna will truly
be the one thing that satisfies me currently. Heavenly bread that ive been hungering for my whole 
life. and now im receiving mass quantities of it. so why do i want the cake?
the cake im seeing is manna cake with pretty frosting.  its just not time for my stomach to digest the frosting yet : ) He's got it perfectly planned to where as i eat His manna it prepares me for manna cake. so currently i will dip His tasty manna into the delicious honey that comes with it.
did i not mention the honey? He's an abundant lover. He knows what the manna should taste like for me in every phase...every situation... Sometimes the manna comes with ranch too. Thats a completely different wonderful. He knows i love ranch. He's also excited with me for the moment i will enjoy the manna cake. that might have ranch on it too... im not sure.

1 comment:

  1. Girl, this is exactly right. Eat as much manna as you can. Fill up on it. He has prepared you a banqueting table of manna. Get it girl.
    I love your cute little face, and wonderful heart of Joy.